June 19, 2024

Share Your HopOn Story! [Research Project 2024]

This year, Cycling BC is partnering with the University of British Columbia to conduct an evaluation of the HopOn program. This is an exciting opportunity for everyone, and we invite you to participate. If your child participated …

February 2, 2024

Employment Opportunity: HopOn Instructors – Lower Mainland

https://youtu.be/h73SaFgsFM4 Cycling BC is currently seeking instructors for the HopOn youth cycling program in the Lower Mainland. The job is a perfect fit for anyone who enjoys riding bikes, playing games, and working with kids. The …

November 28, 2023

HopOn Velodrome: 2023 Recap

The Burnaby Velodrome has featured as a HopOn delivery partner from the very beginning, with in-school field trips taking place before iRide launched in 2013. Facility updates to the floor in 2018 helped Cycling BC …

November 15, 2023

2023 Annual Report

After a successful 2023 season, Cycling BC's HopOn program has now visited over 75,000 youth across British Columbia. "This year marked a very special moment in our program's history. Now in our 3rd year of …

November 15, 2023

HopOn Nakusp: Season Wrap

Home of the Nakusp and Area Bike Society, Mt. Abriel is a mountain bike area focused on safe and accessible trails, including a major emphasis on adaptive mountain biking. Thanks to Sport …

November 7, 2023

HopOn Vancouver: 2023 Recap

Escape Velocity's DEVO program is the largest youth cycling club in the province, and thanks to Sport Canada funding, three new programs launched to help make cyclocross as accessible as possible. 2022 …


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Cycling BC’s HopOn program (formerly iRide) is designed to help young people gain confidence through sport-specific skills and explore the world of cycling with their friends.

Our game-based skills curriculum makes it easy for both kids and instructors to enjoy their cycling experience.