What is HopOn?

"Kids on Bikes"

What does HopOn sound like?

It’s biking in gym class, it’s new after-school programs in your neighbourhood, and it’s a connection to the world of cycling.

And it wouldn’t be possible without the help of our sponsors, donors and cyclists like you.

Thank you to all of the generous cyclists who make HopOn possible.

At Cycling BC, we believe that all children should have the opportunity to master basic cycling skills and build confidence through achievement.

To do this, HopOn brings bicycles and helmets to schools in major population areas and helps start new community programs in all of our province's 8 regional zones.

How does it work?

Our game-based skills curriculum makes it easy for both kids and instructors to enjoy their cycling experience.

Every HopOn session includes a skill, a ride, and a game and helps participants discover what movements or “tricks” helped them master a particular movement.

Better yet – our book of games continues to evolve year after year.  And participants or instructors who discover new games can share them with us and receive recognition in next year’s materials!

To help parents identify what program best fits their child’s needs and provide support for riders wishing to practice on their own time, we use five skill levels:

  • Level 1 – 2 is designed to prepare riders for after-school activities
  • Level 3 – 4 is designed to help riders grow toward the club level
  • Level 5 and beyond is for club riders

Riders of all abilities can participate during our In-School Program. Learn more about Cycling BC’s skill levels.

To help make cycling as accessible as possible, Cycling BC’s HopOn school and summer camp programs provide access to bicycles and helmets for all participants.

However, we recommend that all students bring their own equipment to help ensure everyone can participate on a correctly sized bike.  Our fleets are sized for students 48-60 inches tall.  Therefore, we request that any grade 3 or 7 students participating bring their own equipment.

Participants of the after-school program are expected to bring their own bicycles and helmets.


Who Makes HopOn Possible?

Cycling BC’s HopOn program is made possible by equal parts program revenue, government grants, sponsorship and donations.

We are proud to acknowledge support from Adera Development Corp.



Cycling BC and HopOn are also very proud to work with a team of private donors who share our love for cycling, our commitment to BC’s youth and a passion for making positive change.

Learn how you can give and support Cycling BC programs.

Who Participates in HopOn?

Each year, Cycling BC visits schools in 5 regions of the province and supports after-school programs in all 8 regions.  In-school participation fluctuates between 10,000 and 6,000 students a year, and our after-school program averages 500 students and 10-45 programs a year. We also offer summer camps and free expo events to help make cycling as accessible as possible and prepare riders to join youth clubs each autumn.

As of 2023, Cycling BC’s HopOn program has visited over 75,000 students across the province and communicated with over 25% of all BC-registered schools. Learn more about how our impact and development.

What do the participants say?

Rhys  – Watson Elementary, Chilliwack

I would even come to school on Saturday if you guys were here!


Brian Wong – Teacher, Renfrew Elementary

I would like to give my utmost appreciation to the HopOn program for a fabulous three days of fun bike skills. The instructors were unbelievable, and the kids loved them so much that they wanted me to put in a request to have them come back next year.


Karen Giles – Principal, Pinewood Elementary

Many of our students have not had the opportunity to ride bikes…and our staff appreciated the adaptability of the program and its focus on encouragement. My staff and I were very impressed with the content reinforcing bike safety.


Lynn Hauptmann – Superintendent, School District #5

This program, developed by Cycling BC, engages students in a positive cycling experience that builds skills in a safe and fun learning environment. This program has already received wonderful accolades from our schools with remarkable stories of students thriving under this type of approach. Thank You.

What programs are available?

With a wide variety of programs available, your child can begin their HopOn experience at an in-school visit and develop through the ranks to the highest level they desire, including enrollment in a local youth club.

There are no pre-requisites for HopOn. Riders who can ride a 2-wheel bicycle can join the HopOn development pathway at any point. All of our programs are designed to complement existing youth cycling opportunities in your area and create memorable learning experiences.


  • 3-day In-School program
  • Bikes & helmets provided
  • Grades 4-6


  • 3-6 week After-School
  • Personal Equipment Required
  • Grades 3-12

and more . . .

  • Summer Camps
  • High-School Teams
  • Leadership Program
Learn More

How can I get started?

Questions? Please contact us