Skill Levels

Understanding where your child is on the development pathway can be a challenge. Luckily our instructors work with youth riders aged 6 – 18 every day!

To help you identify what program best fits your child’s needs, please review the Cycling BC Skill Levels below.

  • Ability Levels by Program Type: 

    In-school participants often achieve a skill level of 2-4 by the end of the program. Participants wishing to continue cycling can join local community programs (after-school or summer camps) or a local club. Our after-school programs best suit riders of ability levels 2-5, whereas summer camps are designed for levels 3-5.  Youth clubs welcome all participants level 5 and beyond.

    In-school participants who cannot yet ride a 2-wheel bicycle will be primarily supervised by their school teacher with assistance from the HopOn instructor. These students often join the rest of their class during the 3-day program, helping ensure that all students gain a memorable experience. What can I do to prepare my child for HopOn?

    No HopOn or club programs require clip-in pedals or special cycling attire. Oftentimes, a cycling kit is provided as a gift at the end of our summer camps.

  • What are the foundational skills?
    DOWNLOAD our skills matrix document and video playlist to support and celebrate your child’s development.

    The HopOn program teaches 10 basic and 3 intermediate riding skills following the NCCP Basic Cycling Skills coaching course. Our sessions are conducted within the safe confines of a traffic-free environment, utilizing school grounds, local parks, pump tracks, BMX, track cycling facilities, and local trails.

    • Starting & Braking
    • Straight-Line Riding
    • Scanning & Signaling
    • Low-Speed Turns
    • Medium-Speed Turns
    • Ready Position & Limbo
    • Wheel Lifts
    • Dismount & Remount
    • Bumping & Buzzing
    • Gearing & Cadence
    • Climbing
    • Descending
    • Riding off a drop-off

    HopOn instructors tailor the focus of each session to the age and ability level of their students. Learn more about becoming an instructor on Cycling BC’s Become a Coach webpage or review our SafeSport and Coach Excellence Policy.

  • Long-Term Development and Physical Literacy

    Under the Coaches Association of Canada and Sport for Life’s Long-Term Development model, Cycling BC’s HopOn program and skill development pathway help riders progress through the Active Start and FUNdamentals stage. This initial stage is facilitated by instructors via short 45-60 minutes sessions, up to a maximum of 6 weeks.

    During ACTIVE START (3-6 yr), children learn to use a run-bike and pedal during a 1-day or 5-day camp.

    During the FUNdamental stage (6-12 yr), children learn and master basic skills during a 3-day or 6-week program.

    Riders who enjoy their cycling may wish to progress to the club level and enrol in a 10-16 week program.

    During the LEARN TO TRAIN stage (9-12 yr), youth learn intermediate skills, develop social skills, and build leg speed and flexibility.

    During the TRAIN TO TRAIN stage (13-17 yr), youth master intermediate skills, develop aerobic capacity and foster lifelong friendships.

    Learn more about Sport For Life’s LTD 3.0 or Cycling Canada’s LTD Documents, including sport-specific Mtn. Bike, Track / Velodrome, BMX, ParaHow to Integrate.

Find a program that meets the needs of your child