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HopOn Velodrome: 2023 Recap

The Burnaby Velodrome has featured as a HopOn delivery partner from the very beginning, with in-school field trips taking place before iRide launched in 2013.

Facility updates to the floor in 2018 helped Cycling BC bring 400 kids to the velodrome that year through field trips, and new roofing and lights this spring, coupled with Sport Canada Funding in 2023, set the scene for the continued expansion of our 2022 pilot SHUTTLE program.

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So with the help of parent and board member, Tom Baker, Cycling BC’s HopOn program worked together with Neil Salway, Hans Loeffelholz, and Jean Boily to make the HopOn BVC Shuttle a huge success this autumn.

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Local partners included the City of Coquitlam, the City of New Westminster, Templeton Secondary, and Subway/Safeway, helping us connect, transport, fuel, and equip local youth who had never experienced the thrill of the velodrome.

“The best part about coaching youth on the track is when a new rider progresses from riding around the apron and the cote, to completing full laps on the track. The sense of pride and exhilaration that comes from this achievement is awe-inspiring. I like to tell the athlete… you’re a track rider now.” – Tom Baker, BVC Board Member and Assistant Instructor

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Each 3-week cohort provided after-school transportation in Cycling BC 15-passenger van, and a total of 4 programs were available, reaching out 20km from the velodrome’s location on the Barnet Highway.

“What started as pilot late in 2022, has really turned into a massive opportunity to meet young riders who haven’t participated in HopOn yet, or who are comfortable on their BMX or Mountain Bikes, and think they may be strong and skilled enough to ride the velodrome banking! I couldn’t be happier. Everyone at the velodrome worked so hard during the spring renovations and the track is smooth, safe, and brighter than ever. Now we just need to find a sponsor or more funding to continue this initiative in 2024! Know anyone?” – Ben Chaddock, HopOn Manager

In total, over 50 youth participated in the HopOn Burnaby Velodrome program. If you are interested in getting involved as a sponsor or donor in 2024, please contact Cycling BC.

Daniela Torres Photography