Frequently Asked Questions

Trying a new activity can be fun yet scary for even us adults!

To help provide you and your child with the answers you need to help create a safe, fun and memorable HopOn experience, our team is here to answer any questions. Please take a look below at our frequently asked questions.

For additional questions, comments or concerns, please contact us!

  • Getting Registered

    Please use a computer (not a mobile device) to register your child and visit our registration portal at  It takes about 2 minutes to complete and helps our small team manage and ensure program safety and effectiveness.

    If you are new to HopOn, you will be asked to either create a free account or register as a guest. Our online system helps us guarantee the security of your information, allows for accurate record-keeping for reporting and insurance purposes, and is environmentally friendly. Be sure to continue the process until you have received an automated registration confirmation email. The child’s date of birth is required to prompt the parent/guardian release form.

    If you have difficulty, please consult our registration walk-through document or give us a ring at 604-737-3034.

    What is involved?

    • Participation Permission (REQUIRED)
      • All participants who complete registration are covered by Cycling BC’s insurance policy with Gallagher.  An Acknowledgement of Risk form is included in this registration process. By completing this process, parents/children retain the right to legal action, if needed, until the age of 20.
    • Photo Consent (OPTIONAL)
      • Students without photo consent will be asked to wear a pinny during HopOn to ensure their safety and guarantee their photo is not published.
    • Newsletter Sign-Up (OPTIONAL)
      • Access perks and stay up-to-date on local opportunities, like after-school community programs, summer camps and local youth club events
  • What is HopOn?

    HopOn introduces families to cycling and makes cycling accessible to kids who may not otherwise have opportunities to participate in the sport.  Through schools and community programs, we help young people from all walks of life try all styles of cycling in a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment. Learn more.

    Our curriculum is designed to build confidence and an appreciation for outdoor exercise by patterning basic cycling skills and the inherent understanding of values like safety, fun, respect, community, excellence, and mastery.  And it’s making a difference!

    As of 2021, Cycling BC’s HopOn program has visited over 65,000 young British Columbians and helped train over 100 new cycling instructors.  We offer programs in all 8 regional zones of BC and development grants for future expansion. Learn more about HopOn’s impact.

  • What is HopOn's Mission?

    To impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build confidence, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the sport of cycling. Learn more about Cycling BC.

  • Who can participate?

    HopOn offers group lessons to all kids and teens ages 6-18, regardless of background or previous experience. We ask that kids come with an open mind and a positive attitude. To ensure your child’s abilities match the designed of each program, please review our Cycling BC’s skill levels.

  • Will my child be participating in a safe environment?

    HopOn is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all participants and individuals affiliated with the program. All employees, instructors, and volunteers must complete a background screening before working with us. In addition, all instructors and administrative staff undergo safe sport training. Learn more.

  • Is there a program near me?

    We’re closer than you think! HopOn offers school programs in major population areas and helps start after-school programs in our smaller communities. FIND A PROGRAM NEAR YOU

  • How can I bring HopOn to my area?

    There are a few ways you can bring HopOn to your community.

    • Bring HopOn In-School Program to your elementary school
      • This program introduces elementary students to cycling during physical education class
      • Find a teacher or administrator to champion the visit
      • Discuss the program with your Parent Advisory Council
    • Create a new HopOn After-School Program
      • This process takes about 3 months and is often most successful in the 2nd season.
      • Applications are open December 1st – March 1st on a first-come, first-serve basis.
      • Find 1-2 other cycling enthusiasts to help you as instructors
    • Make a donation
      • Sponsors a region
      • Support a particular school
      • Donate a bicycle
  • What about bicycles and helmets?

    HopOn school and summer camp programs provide all participants access to bicycles and helmets.

    HopOn after-school program participants must bring their own bicycle and helmet.

  • My child can't ride a bike yet ...

    Our instructors are trained in positive youth development. That means they are experts in making kids and teens feel comfortable and ensuring they have a positive, non-intimidating experience.

    Each HopOn program is designed to cater to different skill abilities. For example, our in-school program is primarily designed for students who can already ride.  Students still learning to pedal will work with their teacher, with support from our instructors, to fast-track their skills and confidence and join the rest of their class when they’re ready. Read more about our Cycling BC Skill Levels.

    If you would like to request a private lesson with an HopOn Instructor, please contact us to explore this request.

  • How can I help my child learn to ride?

    If your child is a new rider, ideally they should be able to put both of their feet on the ground while seated on their bike. Start your child with “striding”, using both feet flat on the ground while seated, to propel them in a straight line. Once they can coast in a straight line for 10 seconds, advance them to pedaling. This will build balance awareness and the ability to stay upright when they stop.

    Check out the video resources below:

  • How do youth build confidence through cycling?

    Each session is designed to foster cycling skills as well as help youth articulate what movements and techniques they used to overcome challenges and obstacles, helping them recall how to tackle similar challenges when they are out on the trails in the future.

  • How do young people progress through the program?

    Participants move through the Cycling BC’s skills levels over time (1-5) with the help of their Instructor or practice at home.  Riders can pursue mastery of intermediate and advanced skills at one of Cycling BC registered Youth Clubs.

    The Cycling BC skill levels are not tied to participant age but are designed to match a student’s grade level. Learn more

  • Is there competition and physical activity?


    Each HopOn program includes both physical exercise and an element of competition, albeit team and individual challenges.  After-school and summer camp programs include more consistent pedaling time and provide challenges like climbing a hill or racing through a skills course. Almost all Cycling BC-sanctioned events feature some type of free and fun youth competition, most notably our Cyclocross series.

    As participants get older, they have the chance to participate in sanctioned youth competitions, including road and mountain bike races in BC, like BC Superweek, the BC Cup or the BC School Sports Provincial High-School Championships. Riders who love cycling and show great commitment may also be invited to the Provincial Race team and access projects to National Championships, World Championships, and the National Team.

  • Financial concerns?

    Cycling BC’s HopOn school programs are often paid for by PAC funds.

    Moreover, HopOn after-school participants can access $300-$700 in KidSport funding to offset the cost of their $25 HopOn Membership and remaining program fees.

  • How do I conduct a bike safety check?

    We recommend that all children bring their own bikes to HopOn. It is more fun to learn on their own equipment and instills greater confidence for future rides.

    We request that your local bike shop checks bicycles. Alternatively, an HopOn rental bike will be provided if it is available.

    Bike Safety Check:

    • Bike Fit – Children should be able to…
      • Stand over the top tube of their bike with feet flat on the ground.
      • Sit on the seat and touch their toes on the ground
    • Brakes
      • Check the brake pads placement and any cable rust or fraying
    • Other
      • Check tire pressure (at least 20-30 PSI)
      • Check all critical bolts
      • Check handlebars for rotation
      • Check handlebars end (use cork if bar-ends are missing)
    • Helmet
      • Adjust the straps to slide 1 finger under the chin when it is on, and the ratchet is tightened.
      • Remember, the helmet goes across the forehead and is not tilted back on the head.

    We strongly recommend visiting a local bike shop to get a tune-up. Click here to find a kid-friendly shop near you!

  • What does my child need for success?

    HopOn operates during inclement conditions, barring extreme weather exceptions that compromise the safety of the participants. Therefore, we request that participants come to HopOn prepared with the following:

    • Closed-toed shoes
    • Appropriate clothing
      • Gloves
      • Gym strip or rain jacket
    • Fuel
      • Water bottle
      • Snacks
    • Bicycle and helmet in good repair (if appropriate)
  • My child likes cycling ... what's next?

    After their HopOn experience, any participant who exhibits skill level 3 abilities and beyond is ready to join either:

    • After-School
    • Field Trips
    • Summer Camps
    • Youth Cycling Club

    Find a program near you or call us at 604-737-3034 to discuss the next steps for your child.