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Cycling BC’s HopOn After-School programming is designed for kids who want to improve their skills and make friends through cycling.  With training, resources and support from Cycling BC, cycling enthusiasts like you can become an HopOn Instructor and create positive growth opportunities for children in your community.

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1st Year Program

  • <$307 initial fee
  • Backpack & admin provided
  • Access 100% of income
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Returning Program

  • Access 80% of income
  • Mentorship available
  • Post-event report required
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High-School Racing

  • Create your own team
  • Support your team during competition
  • Access optional coach training
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Getting Started

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  • HopOn Development Grants

    1st-year programs are supported by an HopOn Development Grant and equip new instructors with an HopOn Backpack, liability insurance, a registration system, administrative support, and instructor training and mentorship from Cycling BC.

    There are no administrative fees associated with your first 6-week program, and instructors receive 100% of the generated revenue*.

    A detailed application form is required to apply for a grant and start a new program. The grant process helps applicants design their program to match community needs with instructor availability. It also helps Cycling BC effectively guide and mentor you.  Approved applications include at least two instructors and carefully consider the time of day, participant skill level, and a safe learning venue.

    If you are applying on behalf of a group of new instructors, please submit only one application.  However, an application must include each instructor’s name and contact information.  We recommend prospective leaders schedule a call with us before completing the online application form.

    Once approved, Cycling BC will contact you with an introductory document that outlines the next steps. These steps include reviewing an event poster, webpage, and registration system Cycling BC has created for you and instructions on how your instructor team can register for the necessary NCCP Community coach and HopOn Instructor training.

    All HopOn instructors must achieve Cycling BC’s HopOn Instructor (ORANGE) certificate. The costs associated with this process represent the upfront fee of beginning a new program. Learn more in the next section.

    As a successful grant recipient, Cycling BC awards your team with resources and services valued in kind at ~$1000.

  • Cost Structure (1st Program)

    New HopOn After-School instructors pay for their annual Cycling BC HopOn Instructor membership ($104), background screening ($25), and the basic pre-requisites, including Cycling Foundations eLearning ($15), Making Ethical Decisions & Quiz ($70), and at minimum, a 1-day First Aid certification ($100), totalling a maximum of $314 dollars.

    The below table outlines further details of the grant:

    Instructor Pays: Cycling BC Pays:
    Total: $314 $1,000
    Cycling BC Membership $104
    Background Screening $25
    Basic Requirements $185
    NCCP Community Training $175
    HopOn Instructor Training $175
    HopOn Backpack $300
    Liability & Accident Insurance $175
    Admin (Reg, Promo) $175

    Programs requiring certificates of insurance for land-use permissions are charged $25 and deducted during the final invoice. Please include the correct title and contact information for landowners who have granted land-use permission on your official application form.

    *If your initial 6-week program accumulates more than $2000 in revenue, additional insurance fees will be deducted from your post-event invoice (10% of total revenue). This is designed to encourage instructors to design a smaller program when starting out.

  • Cost Structure (Returning)

    In the same calendar year or the following years, returning programs are supported by Cycling BC with legacy access to coach liability insurance, registration and admin support, and mentorship when available.

    Admin fees are deducted from post-event invoices and calculated by program revenue on a per-program basis ($50 to 10% of total revenue).

    Programs requiring certificates of insurance for land-use permissions are charged an additional $25 and deducted during the final invoice.

  • Choosing a program price ...

    Cycling BC recommends matching your program fees with local after-school care rates. Indeed, participant fees must remain under $12 per hour. We encourage charging participants between $7-$10 per hour to help create sustainable programs. The table below illustrates the approximate revenue and net income earned by new and returning programs operating in either an open grass field or gravel mountain bike trails.

    Location: Grass Field (1:10 Adult-Child Ratio)

      # Of Riders Revenue


    Up-Front Fee Net Income
    Program 1 10 $600 <$314* 100%
    Program 2+ 10 $600 $0 80%

    *Associated with instructor training.

    Location: Mountain Bike Trails (gravel or GREEN level) (1:6 Adult-Child Ratio)

      # Of Riders Revenue ($10/day/child) Up-Front Fee Net Income
    Program 1 6 $360 <$314* 100%
    Program 2+ 6 $360 $0 80%
    In-need families can apply for up to $400 a year from KidSport to cover the $25 HopOn Membership fee and the HopOn program fee (~$60-$90). Full details about this opportunity are available on our HopOn Membership page. 
  • Application Requirements

    Cycling BC’s HopOn Development grants are available to the public. They are perfect for teachers, parents, youth cyclists, industry employees, and cycling enthusiasts looking to make a difference in their community.

    • Must be 19 or older to apply for a grant* (view coach age matrix)
    • Must be 16+ to attend the training & instruct
    • All instructors must register and agree to the following:
      • Cycling BC Technical License ($104)
      • Background Screening
      • Basic Requirements (eLearning + First Aid)
      • NCCP Community Coach Training
      • HopOn Instructor Training
      • Attend at least 6 sessions in the first calendar year
      • Submit a post-season report & invoice
  • Special Provisions
    • Recipients under the age of 19 should review our Coach FAQ: What is the minimum age to start coaching?
    • Recipients who cannot lead the minimum 6 sessions per calendar year must return their HopOn Backpack as received or provide equivalent compensation ($300).
    • Recipients who miss their scheduled NCCP Community Coach & HopOn Instructor training without notice forfeit their grant and paid NCCP course registration fees.
  • Summary of Next Steps:

    1) Design program and apply:

    • The application form helps you articulate the following:

    2) Confirm Program Details & Begin For Instructor Training

    • Receive a congratulatory email from Cycling BC, including a drafted poster, webpage, and reg system. Confirm program details and reply by the primary email thread. Cycling BC’s HopOn official social media account provides 1 post about your event.
    • Register as a Cycling BC HopOn Instructor at
      • Follow the instructions in the confirmation email, register for modules, and track your progress at
      • All HopOn instructors undergo training with the National Coaches Certification Program and orientation with HopOn before working with children. Once hired, instructors participate in the NCCP Community Coach training program, including on-demand, zoom and in-person modules. HopOn Instructor Training involves an eLearning module and an in-person orientation.
        • Basic Registration
          • Cycling BC Membership (Technical License)
          • Background Screening
        • On-Demand:
          • Cycling Foundations
          • Emergency Action Plan
          • HopOn eLearning
        • Facilitated Online:
          • Making Ethical Decisions & Quiz
          • Community Theory
        • Facilitated In-Person:
          • Basic Skills (Saturday)
          • HopOn Orientation (Sunday)
          • First Aid (Required by Start Date)

        Start today by registering at

    3) Lead your program and submit post-event paperwork

    • 7 days before your event, email parents using our pre-event email template.
    • 3 days before your event, prepare and print an emergency action plan and the participant registration/medical report.
    • 14-30 days after your event, each instructor submits a written reflection, 2-3 quality photos, and an individual invoice to support a fair revenue split and proper tax documentation.

2024 grant applications are OPEN from October 15, 2023 to February 15th, 2024.

A minimum of 30 days notice is required for any new or returning program.

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