Summer Camp

Master a skill & make a friend!

A 5-day cycling skills camp for riders 6-18 years old, HopOn Summer Camps are designed to teach intermediate to advanced cycling skills and connect riders with trails in their community.

In 2023, our summer camps feature cycling skills, rides in the community, and fun games throughout the day. We also offer specialty camps that introduce participants to other sports (swimming, rock climbing) or specific cycling disciplines (velodrome, BMX). NCCP-trained and HopOn-certified leaders instruct camps. Bicycles and other equipment are available upon request.

The programs are designed for intermediate riders who exhibit level 2-6 abilities. Local instructors design and facilitate programs, and numerous skill levels are often welcome.

Getting Started

  • Lesson Plan

    Participants are split into working groups based on ability. Each day’s session is designed to include one intermediate skill, a 60-90 minute bike ride and a fun cycling game to refine the day’s focus.  Fundamental concepts covered may include any of the following and will depend on the skill level of the group:

    • Brake Modulation & Descending
    • Riding features or in a group
    • Terrain Management and/or traffic awareness
    • Wheel lifts and hops
    • Bumping & Buzzing a partner
    • Using gears to master terrain change
    • Pumping terrain & small jumps
    • Riding a fixed-gear bicycle and velodrome banking
    • Medium-speed turning on a road bike
    • Cyclocross remounts and dismounts at speed
    • BMX pumping & gate starts
  • Instructors

    HopOn Summer Camp instructors are trained by the National Coaches Certification Program and accredited by Cycling BC’s HopOn program. Often times, instructors have taught at schools during the spring as part of their University Co-op with Cycling BC’s HopOn program.  Additional training includes St. John First Aid and NCCP Comp-Introduction courses to prepare instructors for teaching higher-level skills. Each program requires at least 2 instructors present at all times and follows a 1:6 participant ratio.

  • Cost Structure

    To help make cycling as accessible as possible, programs are priced to reflect the nature and demands of their community.

    Half-day and full-day camps are available in the range of $150-$175 and $300-$375 per week.

  • Financial Aid

    Families in need can apply for up to $400 per year in KidSport funding. Find your local chapter and apply today.

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HopOn Victoria: Bike Camp (1/2-day) Victoria Jul 22, 2024 - Jul 26, 2024 9:00 7-11; Lv.2-4 Confirmed PDF

HopOn Victoria: Westshore

Address: 1767 Island Hwy

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HopOn Victoria: Bike Camp (1/2-day)

Address: Topaz Park

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