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Experience the velodrome!

Cycling BC’s Burnaby Velodrome Field Trips are designed to introduce students to fixed-gear Velodrome cycling and help them learn how to ride the banking!

To a maximum of 25 students, each trip includes a 2.5-hour session for grades 6-12. All equipment is provided. However, students can bring their helmets if they wish.

The program is designed for students who can ride well and exhibit level 4 abilities.  Students still working on their level 1-3 skills can participate and will spend more time developing their basic riding skills on the in-field.

Getting Started

  • What does the velodrome sound like?

  • Lesson Plan

    Students are split into groups of 8-10 riders and alternate between on-bike and off-bike activities.  We work through 3 basic concepts:

    1. Using the pedals to slow down and speed up
    2. Using the pedals and handlebars to control speed and steer the bike
    3. Using shoulder checks and leg speed to create safety for all and develop confidence

    Students who demonstrate competence and are interested in advancing to the ride the banking are invited to ride a full lap of the Velodrome with the instructor.

    After the field trip, all students are invited to visit the facility during the Burnaby Velodrome’s Thursday Youth Beginner sessions, available throughout the calendar year.

  • Skill Requirements
    Intermediate (Level 4) cycling skills are required for this field trip. All participants should be comfortable with the following:
    • Use gears to ride up a hill for 2-3 minutes
    • Able to ride a bike with one hand
    • Lift the front wheel
    • Ride off a sidewalk curb smoothly

    View all Cycling BC skill levels

  • Coaches & Instructors

    In partnership with the Burnaby Velodrome Club, each field trip includes at least one specialized Velodrome coach and one track attendant. Bookings with over 15 students are subject to a $100 surcharge so we can hire a 2nd instructor, for a total of 3 qualified leaders.

    All coaches and instructors undergo training with the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) and a background screening.

    Cycling BC’s HopOn program subscribes to the Coaches Association of Canada’s Responsible Coaches Movement and follows the High Five: Healthy Child Development principles to help our instructors create an engaging and effective learning environment.

  • 2023-2024 Price
    • Burnaby Velodrome: $400
    • Victoria Velodrome: TBA

    Upon confirmation, schools will receive an invoice due within 30 days.

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Additional Information

Questions? Please contact us!

  • Making a booking

    Now that you have a date in mind, please submit a request using the form below. Upon review, Cycling BC will send you an email response indicating your provisional dates and required deposit, due in 30 days. Upon payment, your event will be confirmed, and additional resources will be shared with you, including a Parent-Letter to be sent home.

    One month before our visit, Cycling BC will send a reminder email and follow-up via telephone one week prior. Champions are granted access to the online registration system and can run a report of who has registered online. We recommend that students are told registrations closes 1 week before our visit to ensure timeliness.

    If your students and staff enjoy their HopOn field trip, a great way to say thank you to our program sponsors is by taking a few moments to share their favourite moments in a thank you card.  Cards can be mailed to our head office or picked up by a local HopOn instructor.

  • Responsibilities

    Please acknowledge your responsibilities as the school’s HopOn Champion:

    • Send home Parent-Letter
    • Ensure all students are registered online
    • Organize your own transportation to the venue
  • Student Reminders

    Running shoes are suggested. Students are NOT be allowed to participate in open-toed or heels/flats/boots, due to safety reasons.

    Helmets are provided but students can bring their own if they prefer.

    Gym clothing is suggested, with a warm coat and sweat pants for winter bookings. It can be a bit chilly inside the building!

    For safety purposes, students are expected to exhibit excellent listening and attention skills when participating in this unique field trip.

2024 Winter bookings are now available Thursday mornings. See our booking calendar above.

When you are ready, please submit an official request using our booking form below.

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