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HopOn Lower Mainland: 2023 Recap

After visiting 2,400 students across 20 schools in the Lower Mainland through the HopOn In-schools program in the spring of 2023, Cycling BC’s HopOn program partnered with the City of Coquitlam, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, the Sunshine Coast Regional District, and the University Neighbourhood Association near UBC to create more opportunities for youth to continue developing their skills, confidence, and friendships during their summer break. One of the notable seasonal highlights include brand new partnerships on the Sunshine Coast which resulted in 3 HopOn school programs and a week-long summer camp program.
“I would like to express our gratitude to make this biking workshop possible for Langdale Elementary. Three classes were able to learn and have 3 days of bike fun time with coach Richard & Patrick! They were top-notch instructors that came with high athleticism, sportsmanship, kindness, firm and good teaching content. Hats off to your training team and recruitment crew. I am very impressed by their efficient setups and punctual & fun course curriculum. Great mentors to our kids and they learnt so much within 3 days. We have received BikeHub workshops in the past but yours are much more geared towards high activities and athletic training. Kids had so much fun using all our fields to follow coaches. Thank you for training and sending them to us. What a great role model to our students!” – Miyuki, AST coordinator, Langdale Elementary
Each year, Cycling BC trains up to 10 full-time, seasonal staff to facilitate our program at over 40 schools across the province. Our team includes teachers, former competitive riders, university co-op students, and cycling enthusiasts of all ages—including past participants of our 2018 Leadership Program who were all between 14-18 years old at the time and have returned this year as HopOn head and assistant instructors for our in-school and summer camp programs. Congratulations to Nico and Elizabeth for joining our team this year, and instructors Issac and Geza, who helped out at our community programs.
HopOn Instructor Diana from Vernon shared an endearing moment with us during her first week as a school instructor.
“At the start of our third and final session, a grade 5 student went to unlock his bike from the school bike rack and with the key in his hand, he looked over at me and said proudly, ‘This is the key to HAPPINESS’. It made my week.” – Diana, HopOn Instructor

HopOn aims to help children and even new instructors build confidence and make friends through cycling. Beyond our 3-day in-school program, we offer after-school programs and multi-day school break camps.

This year, our summer camps included three City of Coquitlam events located at Victoria Community Hall and Mundy Park. We focused on basic cycling and mountain bike skills, including riding the Riverview Forest flow trail. We also returned for our 2nd season with the City of Maple Ridge with camps at Albion Park and a more advanced group at Thornhill Mountain. New half-day camps with the City of New Westminster were most popular in Queensboro, and our special mountain bike and velodrome camp for older riders expanded in its 3rd year. New partnerships with the University Neighbourhood Association near UBC also helped us explore Pacific Spirit Park and teach basic riding skills to kids in that community.

“This year we also visited the Sunshine Coast, thanks to generous support from School District 46, the Sunshine Coast Regional District, and the Braithwaite family. With their help, we were able to host 12 local youth for a five-day camp and provide mentorship for one new instructor. It was a lot of fun to return to the Kinnikinnick forest after my first visit to two schools in 2015. With all of the momentum in the area for cycling, thanks to the efforts of local champions, I am really looking forward to supporting the Sunshine Coast in future seasons.” – Ben Chaddock, HopOn Manager

On that note, if you love cycling and are interested in helping facilitate a community program in 2024, or bringing our HopOn program to your school, please contact us to schedule a visit.

We always love hearing from people who are passionate about cycling and we believe in the quality of our instructor training program and game-based curriculum. One of the new HopOn instructors from Ontario sent us this note after completing his training and starting a group in his community this spring.

“Just wanted to reach out and say that now that I’ve done the HopOn Instructor course and ran a few sessions, that Cycling BC nailed it when you developed the program.  The improvements we see in riders from one session to the next is amazing, and the flexibility/ progressions let us be super creative and allow us to teach the skills to riders with varying levels of abilities in the same group.  Thanks for all the work Cycling BC did to create this program, Golden Horseshoe Cycling Club is fully behind HopOn.” – Neal, HopOn Instructor

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