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What I Learned: Jaxon Slaney

Cycling BC HopOn school and summer coach Jaxon Slaney joined our instructor team in 2021. As a competitive teenage cyclist and track & field athlete, Jaxon knows something about sport. Her passion for education and physical education shined through in her ability to connect with the students.

Continue reading about the highlights and learning moments of Jaxon’s season with Cycling BC’s HopOn program.

June 2021

Hello Readers,

First, I want to say that iRide (rebranded as HopOn in 2022) was a fantastic experience for me.

The program helped me develop as a coach and as a person. Since working with iRide, I decided I wanted to become a teacher! I would have never found my passion for teaching meaningful skills to children if it weren’t for iRide! My experience at iRide has come up in so many conversations with friends, family, and coaches. I value all the tips and tricks you shared with me, such as taking the extra time to learn every kid’s name and using language like “friends” and “everyone” rather than “guys”.

If you are looking for an exciting outdoor job opportunity this season, I strongly recommend applying as a cycling instructor with Cycling BC.



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