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iRide loans CX Bikes

This past autumn, local Vancouver youth club, Escape Velocity’s DEVO program achieved its 8-year strategic plan and SOLD OUT its autumn cyclocross program.

With over 40 kids registered, in light of the pandemic-bike shortage, there were numerous children that wished to participate but did not have access to the right equipment. Thanks to government funding secured by Escape Velocity in recent years, they house a diverse collection of rental bikes available for children of all heights and cycling interests.

However, come this past September, they were a few cyclocross bikes short!

Working in partnership with DEVO, Cycling BC’s iRide program could provide 2 of our rental cyclocross bikes to the program and help a few more kids participate in the thrill of parking arcs and surfing the dirt.

Access to a loaner Cyclocross (CX) bike gave my son Gregory the opportunity to have more fun and a better experience in DEVO’s amazing Cyclocross program this fall.  Our family could not have afforded the purchase of an additional bike as our son already owned a mountain bike.  The right equipment gave Gregory the confidence to push harder and go faster, and he cannot wait for next season.  Thank you so much for this tremendous opportunity!

From DEVO’s executive director

We’ve seen tremendous interest in the Cyclocross program for 2021! To make our programming more accessible we ramped up our loaner bike program. We managed to source 11 loaner bikes for riders and we were so grateful for the two loaners that Cycling BC contributed. This is a great example of how the cycling community pulls together.