HopOn Membership

All extra-curricular HopOn participants (after-school and summer camps) must hold a Cycling BC HopOn Membership. This project is designed to help families access financial support systems and illustrate the official demand for youth cycling programs in BC.

HopOn membership purchases are integrated into program registration and are valid through the calendar year’s end. HopOn members can access the below services:

  • Access up to $400 annually through KidsSport (apply)
  • Sports Accident & Liability insurance during HopOn (view)
  • Easy upgrade to a full membership (view)

Parents may choose to purchase a full membership during registration (prices are age-dependent).  Please see the table below:

Benefits: Cycling BC

HopOn  Membership

Provincial or UCI Race

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Access to Kids Sport Funding:
Sports Accident & Liability Insurance: HopOn Only 24/7 in North America
Cost: $17.50 $47-$80